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Paul Siegel | Deborah Kindler

Paul Siegel

Paul has over twenty years of hands-on-experience in multiple sectors of the entertainment industry. His in-depth knowledge and experience in both domestic and international television program distribution has made him a key decision maker for television programming selection to cable networks and over-the-air television stations. As an EMMY award producer, Paul has also developed and produced numerous projects for television, home video and theatrical distribution.

The following are just some of significant slate of entertainment projects that Paul was responsible for producing and/ or distributing:


  • Co-created/ co-founded the original first-run barter TV syndication company
  • Developed new and beneficial marketing channels for companies to sell off excess inventory by providing reciprocal trade and barter services to large corporations, including Fortune 500 Companies such as Polaroid, Heinz, Warner Communications, Hasbro, Mattel and Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Produced yearly televised golf tournaments for General Motors such as The Buick Open and Westchester Buick Classic
  • Co-produced the first ESPY Award Show, the first MTV Award Show and recently the World Music Awards and the Golden Trailer Awards on MyNetworkTV
  • Produced with Tribune Entertainment, INDAY (The Independent Daytime Network), a daily 2 hour daytime series of 4 half hour programs
  • Produced a daily one hour Celebrity Shopping Network hosted by Ray Combs with spokespersons, Robert Wagner and Polly Bergen
  • Distributed the Screen Gems library for Columbia Pictures Television and sold to MTV the Monkees TV series as a “marathon” series on Nickelodeon. Also with Columbia Pictures Television distributed the Bob Hope film library
  • Produced a series of boxing tournaments for ESPN called Boxcino – three world champion boxers were discovered during this tournament. Also produced and distributed to ESPN 52 x 1/2 hr episodes of the Crunch TV exercise series.
  • Developed and implemented sales strategy of music videos for out of home retail markets such as Hard Rock Café, Wet Seal, Macy’s and others.
  • Developed a specialized catalog mail order and e-commerce strategy for children’s toys and hobby products that substantially contributed to a seven-fold growth in annual sales from $250,000 to more than $20,000,000.


Children TV Shows and Movies

  • Key member of management team that produced for the first time animated movies and children’s TV shows that were targeted to sell toys and other products based on the show’s characters. They included the three animated Care Bear movies (I, I and III), the award winning animated specials, Our Miss Liberty and My Little Toaster, and the animated TV series M.A.S.K., Inspector Gadget, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Police Academy, Heathcliff, Transformers, Real Ghostbusters, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Popples, Strawberry Shortcake, Get Along Gang, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, He-Man and Masters of Universe, She-Ra, Superfriends, and Teddy Ruxpin and the live action TV series and movies Adventures of Merlin, Tarzan Epic Adventures and Super Samarai Syber Squad.
  • Recently produced new live-action series pilots (English and Spanish) based on the BBC’s Muzzy animated series that teaches young children foreign languages.


  • It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, the highest rated TV Christmas movie of all time starring Mickey Rooney (17.2 rating) and two other Christmas Movies - The Christmas Stallion and It Almost Wasn't Christmas and 12 movies made for video and TV including three Night Eyes movies were distributed into syndication.


  • Too Close For Comfort, the first off-network sitcom produced for syndication, followed by other off-network sitcoms that were produced exclusively for syndication including You Can’t Take it With You, What’s Happening Now, The New Gidget, New Monkees and the Ted Knight Show.


  • Fame - helped MGM introduce new episodes of this very successful TV series into syndication after being canceled by NBC
  • 21 Jump Street – starring Johnny Depp – distributed this Stephen Cannell series into syndication
  • Tales From The Dark Side - this half hour anthology TV series was the first sci-fi program produced exclusively for syndication.
  • Baywatch - develop and distribute new episodes after this TV series was canceled by NBC and became the second highest rated series in syndication and the most watched TV program in the world – also produced and distributed the spin-off series, Baywatch Nights
  • Acapulco H.E.A.T., produced in Mexico and Sirens, produced in Montreal – two international co-production TV series for first run syndication   
  • Shaka Zulu II and Magnificent Ambersons – distributed these two highly rated 4 hour mini-series into syndication and cable.

Game Shows /Documentaries/Award Shows

  • Game Shows - Family Feud distributed this game show into syndication for 5 years and distributed 3 years of the New Hollywood Squares hosted by John Davidson
  • Live Events - Return to the Titanic with Telly Savalas (second highest rated special of all time – 25.7 rating), Mysteries of the Pyramid with Omar Sharif (13.7 rating), and UFO Cover-up with James Earl Jones (10.3 rating) and other 10 live event documentaries were produced and distributed on a quarterly basis
  • Court Shows - Divorce Court and Guilty or Innocent – distributed these two original court room reality series for syndication
  • Documentaries - Smithsonian World - distributed this 24 one hour documentary series into syndication after airing on WETA/ PBS.  This Island Earth, the Emmy award winning documentary for the Disney Channel and numerous other documentaries for Discovery Channel and A&E
  • Award Shows - Co-produced the first ESPY Award Show, the first MTV Award Show and recently the World Music Awards and the Golden Trailer Awards.
  • Reality Shows – Recent pilots for America’s First Crush with Robin Leach, Reality of Romance (Baywatch meets Love Connection), and K9 Fit Club for WebVet.com.

Music/ Comedy TV Series

  • ShaNaNa TV series, the Canned Film Festival movie series hosted by Laraine Newman, the Comedy Tonite TV series, Johnny Mann's Stand Up and Cheer TV series, the Hee Haw TV series and its spin off series, Hee Haw Honeys, the Glen Campbell TV show and the John Denver TV series distributed into syndication
  • Dick Clark’s USA Bandstand TV show distributed to USA Network, 
  • Dancing in the Wings with Debbie Allen and the Peter Allen music special – co-produced and distributed these and other TV music specials into syndication


  • Xentrix Studios is one of the leading computer animation and visual effects studio for film and television in India.
  • Say Design is a leading technology company in building rich gaming and Internet experiences as well as producing virtual world platforms for entertainment related websites.
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